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Help CCF with a Bequest

Help CCF with a bequest
Gifts left to CCF may be tax-deductible, and with suitable planning you may be able to make a significant bequest to support CCF’s work without incurring estate taxation. Before proceeding with a bequest, please consult your tax advisor: this paragraph and other pages covering this subject on the CCF web site are not legal documents and should not be taken as a statement or interpretation of the law.

Click here to download a 4-page PDF document about leaving a legacy to CCF.

Click here to download a sample bequest form for use in the UK (PDF). Please note that you should consult your legal advisor to ensure that this form and/or wording are appropriate for your particular circumstances.

There are also online will-writing web sites such as Will Bequest that allow you to draw up wills including bequests to charities.

Cheetah Conservation Fund UK, registered charity number 1079874,
Eagle House, 108/110 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6RH, UK

The Cheetah Conservation Fund UK is a UK registered charity, number 1079874

Make Cheques payable to: Cheetah Conservation Fund UK, Eagle House, 108/110 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6RH, UK
email: uk@cheetah.org; tel: (+44) (0)207 811 4102