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The Cheetah Enclosure – 8

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Please become a conservation partner and assist us by covering part or all of the annual costs for caring for these non-releasable cheetahs. Each cheetah costs CCF an estimated £3,000 a year in care. These costs include food, veterinary care and pen maintenance.

If you sponsor the cost of the care of a CCF non-releasable cheetah you will receive two updates during a year (please provide an e-mail address for updates if other than yours). You can also create your own personalised Sponsorship Certificate to print out, and download a special photo poster of your cheetah, taken from the official cheetah ID book in Namibia. Each JPEG poster file is up to 1MB in size and up to 250mm across, and shows pictures of the cheetah, highlighting distinguishing markings for identification. IMPORTANT: If you want the sponsorship to be a gift, be sure to note this using the Message to Seller facility on the main PayPal payment screen.

To create a Sponsorship Certificate or download a poster, be sure to click ‘Return to Merchant’ after you have completed your PayPal transaction, or you will not see our ‘Thank You’ page, which contains the information required.

If you sponsor a cheetah for a whole year (£2,500) you will receive special recognition at our headquarters in Namibia.

Sponsoring is simple! Just click the 'Sponsor Me' button under any cheetah's story. You will be taken to a PayPal secure payment page, where you can choose how much you want to sponsor your cheetah for. Once you've sponsored one cheetah, you can come back and sponsor another one if you wish. Here are five of our resident cheetahs. See the other pages for more.


"I was orphaned at about six weeks old, and I was kept alive by the big heart of a young Namibian boy. The boy, a young farm hand, found me in a tree not long after my sibling had been killed. The boy hid me in a chicken coop, and shared his food rations and goat milk with me. The boy successfully hid me for nearly a week from his parents and the farm owner they worked for, before his parents found out and notified CCF. Because of that brave little boy, I am now a resident cheetah at CCF."

littleC’s name was taken from Chewbaaka, our former ambassador, whom we affectionately called Big "C". littleC arrived at CCF when just a few weeks old and was hand-reared ever since; as a result, he is extremely comfortable around humans.

As a small cub, littleC was an absolute joy to watch as he seemed to enjoy life to the full. He would often be seen racing across his enclosure after one of his toys, or leaping from branch to branch of his own personal play tree.



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The Cheetah Conservation Fund UK is a UK registered charity, number 1079874

Make Cheques payable to: Cheetah Conservation Fund UK, 27 Peel Street, Kensington, London W8 7PA

email: uk@cheetah.org