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Sponsor a Resident Cheetah

Sponsor a resident cheetah or a guarding dog

CCF cares for a number of resident, non-releasable Cheetahs that cannot be released back into the wild as they do not have the skills or physical capability to survive. CCF does re-wild cheetahs in rare cases where it is possible. If another approved home becomes available, CCF relocates these cheetahs to an alternate captive facility. However, these cheetahs often become permanent residents of CCF.

Please become a conservation partner and assist us by covering part or all of the annual costs for caring for our resident, non-releasable cheetahs. Each cheetah costs CCF an estimated £2,500 a year in care. These costs include food, veterinary care and enclosure maintenance.

Visit CCF’s Cheetah Enclosure

See photos and stories of CCF's resident cheetahs, and choose a cheetah to sponsor!

If you sponsor the cost of the care of a CCF resident, non-releasable cheetah you will receive two updates during a year (please provide an e-mail address for updates if purchasing the sponsorship as a gift). You can also create your own personalised Sponsorship Certificate to print out, and download a special photo poster of your cheetah. Each JPEG poster file is up to 1MB in size and up to 250mm across, and shows pictures of the cheetah, highlighting distinguishing markings for identification. IMPORTANT: If you want the sponsorship to be a gift, be sure to note this using the Message to Seller facility on the main PayPal payment screen.

To create a Sponsorship Certificate or download a poster, be sure to click ‘Return to Merchant’ after you have completed your PayPal transaction, or you will not see our ‘Thank You’ page, which contains the information required.

If you sponsor a cheetah for a whole year (£2,500) you will receive special recognition at our headquarters in Namibia.

You can also Sponsor a Kangal Anatolian Livestock Guarding Dog: click here.

These sponsorship pages are administered by the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. Please consult your tax advisor to establish whether you will qualify for tax benefits if you are not a UK taxpayer. UK taxpayers may also like to click here to check on GiftAid and other ways of maximising your donation via the UK tax system.

Note to US Donors

Please note that donations by U.S. residents are not tax deductible when made through the CCF UK web site. Please visit our US Web Site to make a donation or sponsor a cheetah through the CCF USA office and enjoy a fully tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your support!


The Cheetah Conservation Fund UK is a UK registered charity, number 1079874

Make Cheques payable to: Cheetah Conservation Fund UK, 27 Peel Street, Kensington, London W8 7PA

email: uk@cheetah.org